KB offers complete System Design for Solar Power Integrators, Power Control Panel Integrators and Battery Backup System Integrators. We can provide the most efficient solution to ensure that our products work seamlessly with other systems.

We also provide in-house training to ensure that your installation is correctly executed.

Increased Power Availability: Providing optimized solutions to increase your power quality and efficiency. N +1 redundancy will ensure that uninterrupted power will be supplied.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Cost savings thanks to reduced capital and operating costs will help you increase your revenue

Scalability: Speed in delivery as well as ability to scale fast will allow you to adapt your electrical network easily with reduced skill requirements.

24 X 7 support: For all your urgent queries.

Simple and Clear Indications: To ensure anyone on site can understand status of system, we provide simple and clear displays and indicators on our units for various parameters like status of battery charging, units status, current, voltage, current, current/hour, voltage setting and other customizable parameters.

Innovation at KB strengthens its competitive advantage as a leader in providing OEM, flexible and renewable power products and contribute in reaching our business objectives. Technology Analysis, continuous operational and sourcing improvements, R&D programs, ethnographic studies, interaction with integrators and long term projects are key elements in the innovation drive.

The innovation efforts in KB are directed towards projects that will give us more knowledge and enable us to meet the world’s need for clean and efficient energy. Monitoring and analysis of technology development, trends, drivers and barriers form part of KB’s innovation work. The work helps to identify current and future costs for technologies that KB uses or that compete with technologies KB uses. The analyses can provide a basis for new initiatives and business areas for KB

Solar System Integration

  • Please provide us the following information for your Solar System:

  • Power consumption of your application

  • System voltage

  • Other available power sources (diesel generator, wind turbine)

  • Installation type (roof/ground/pole mounted)

  • Required autonomy (back-up days)