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  • Solar Powered Pumps for Agriculture and Green Buildings by KB Electronics, Mumbai, India.

    To make Solar Power a viable proposition in India, we have to overcome the barriers of high PV panel and battery costs. Though we have seen considerable drop in PV prices which will slide further in the coming years, the battery costs and life of around 3 years hinder the use of solar power, especially in the rural areas.

    This new product, a Solar Pump Controller MPPT works without the need of a battery and can pump water from around 8am to 6pm all throughout the day. In early mornings and late evenings, when panel voltage drops considerably, this controller still ensures that the pump works, although pumping less water. In this manner, the solar photovoltaic panel is maximized for this application, using whatever power that is extracting from the panel. Without the need of a battery, the cost of this system reduces drastically and this system now becomes affordable for Hotels, Residential homes, factories and even for farms where cannot rely on a consistent power source.

    A standard solar charge controller cannot be used for this purpose due to many reasons and has to be customized for this application. Most Solar Pumps have an intrinsic problem that they would operate only for a few hours in a day when the voltage of panel is high. Through months of testing and tweaking, KB Electronics, Mumbai proved this product in Gujarat, where it is operating for 14 hours a day and now there are 37 installations all over India. The pumps can be of .5HP, 1Hp, 1.5HP, 2HP onwards even upto 30HP and can be of any type and there is no need to change the existing pump.

    Features such as preferential solar + grid input ensures that your pump can remain on full flow 24 hours a day automatically. If lights need to be operated with the same solar PV panels, there is arrangement of battery charging as well. Dry Run protection as well as tank level control is inbuilt. The payback period for places where they are using Diesel generators is less than 2 years.

    KB Electronics, a Power Electronics Manufacturing company in Mumbai, has entered the renewable energy sector after 25 years in the Power industry with products such as Solar Charge Controller MPPT, Solar Charge Controllers On/Off, Wind Charge Controller and Grid Battery Chargers with 3 stage charging. They also make Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) and DC-DC Converters. With a focus towards designing for Indian conditions, KB’s products are built to withstand the extreme conditions found in India such as input surges, moisture and dust. To know more, you could visit www.kbelectronics.co.in .They also arrange free demonstrations of their products.

    India’s growth story will be catalyzed by such products targeted to critical product categories such as water and energy, to help bring about change and independence to the people in all locations however remote.
    With the recent massive Power failure in north and India’s coal problems we have to be prepared to keep our basic amenities like water supply in our control.

    For inquiries / customized requirements Contact Us on kbelectronics@gmail.com