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  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)


    Uses MPPT technology to maximise water delivery at various solar energy levels without battery

    Water pumped even in morning, evening and in cloudy weather at low speed / flow for over 12 hours per day

    Can be used for both Monoblock or Submersible pumps

    You can use existing pump setup so no need to buy new pump

    Dual Input (Solar + Grid) Preferential Logic

    Multiple pumps can be connected to single controller

    Dc Power Meter included

    Download Solar pump controller Installation and Troubleshooting Manual

    For Installation in Andhra Pradesh, please contact Yashwanth at 9666833369

    Madhya Pradesh, please contact Manoj at 9826055152

    Tamil Nadu, please contact Saravana at 9566600477

    For inquiries / customized requirements Contact Us on kbelectronics@gmail.com