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  • Renewable Energy -Solar / Wind Solar DC Pump Controller


    Input Specifications : 48V DC 900W (from PV Panel)
    MPPT Point : 68V DC (adj.)

    Output Specifications : 28V DC (adj.) 30A (CVCC)
    To charge 24V Battery ( Max.200AH Capacity)

    Upto 30% more energy conversion efficiency as compared to ON/OFF and PWM type.

    Reduction in wire thickness and hence cabling cost.

    Battery Overcharge Protection.

    Reverse Polarity Protection : Battery, PV and Load.

    Load Protection : Overload,Short Circuit

    Prevents Reverse battery current into PV panel at night.

    Multiple layers of conformal coating for environmental protection.

    Compact size compared to other MPPT chargers.

    LED indicators and Remote Alarm annunciators provision.

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