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  • Renewable Energy -Solar / Wind – Solar Charge Controller 125W – 10kW MPPT


    Input Specifications : 24V DC 150W (from PV Panel)
                                        MPPT Point : 34V DC (adj.)

    Output Specifications : 14V DC (adj.) 10A (CVCC)
    To charge 12V Battery ( Max.100AH Capacity)

    Dimension :

    Features :

    • Upto 30% more energy conversion efficiency as compared to ON/OFF and PWM type.
    • Reduction in wire thickness and hence cabling cost.
    • Battery Overcharge Protection.
    • Reverse Polarity Protection : Battery,PV and Load.
    • Load Protection : Overload,Short Circuit
    • Prevents Reverse battery current into PV panel at night.
    • Multiple layers of conformal coating for environmental protection.
    • Compact size compared to other MPPT chargers.
    • LED indicators and Remote Alarm annunciators provision.

    2 Years Warranty

    Specification subject to change as per our continuous developments

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