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    MODEL                                    : DC220-2450A

    I/P                                        : 220V DC
    Range                                    : 180-270V DC
    Fuse Protection.
    I/P MOV
    Soft Start
    Inrush current                      : —

    Nominal Voltage                      : 24V DC
    Voltage Range                        : 24-30V
    Current                                  : 50A
    Line Regulation                       : +/- 0.5%
    Load Regulation                      : +/- 1%
    Ripple                                    : +/- 1% (P-P)
    Noise                                     : +/- 1%
    Protections                            : a) Overload Protection auto recovery type.
    b) Short circuit protection auto recovery type.
    c) OVP Protection Latching type.
    d) Over temperature auto recovery type.
    Current Limit.                     

    Operating temperature upto 500 C.
    Humidity                               : < 95% Rh
    IP 21

    Built in Power Factor Correction- 0.99
    Parallable (active current sharing) and seriesable
    Isolation                              : Input to Output – 1.5KV
    Input to Earth – 1.5KV
    Output to Earth- 500V
    MTBF                                  : 50K Hrs to MIL
    Efficiency                           : —
    Potential Free Contact – Alarm contact

    INDICATIONS LED           : a) Input OK – Green LED
    b) Output OK-Green LED
    c) Input Under or Over Voltage(U/O)-Red LED
    d) Output Over Voltage(OVP)-Red LED
    e) Output Over Load(O/L)-Red LED
    f) Output Over Temp(O/T)-Red LED
    g) Output Short       (S/B)-Red LED

    Dimension                                 : 290W X 340D X 100H mm
    Cooling type                             : Fan cooled – exhaust ??
    Weight                                    : 6 Kgs

    Redundancy by external diode.  
    Programmable by external signal – voltage & current
    Remote ON/OFF
    With Digital Voltmeter & Currenmeter

    2 Years Warranty

    Specification subject to change as per our continuous developments

    For inquiries / customized requirements Contact Us on kbelectronics@gmail.com