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  • Battery Chargers – 1500w Stand Alone


    MODEL                                    : BCSA2445A

    I/P                                        : 230V AC, 1-Ph, 40-60Hz
    Range                                    : 180-270V AC
    Fuse Protection.
    I/P MOV
    Soft Start
    Inrush current                      : 23A@230V AC

    Nominal Battery Voltage                   : 24V DC
    Float Voltage                         : 27V
    Boost Voltage                        : 28.8V
    Top up Voltage                       : 31.2V(only for Lead acid battery)
    Manual –Voltage adj.               : 24-33V
    Current                                  : 45A (adj.15-45A)
    Line Regulation                       : +/- 1%
    Load Regulation                      : +/- 1%
    Ripple                                    : +/- 1% (P-P)
    Protections                            : a) Overload Protection auto recovery type.
    b) Short circuit protection auto recovery type.
    c) OVP Protection Latching type.
    d) Reverse Polarity by fuse & MCB.
    Current Limit :Yes

    Operating temperature upto 500 C.
    Humidity                               : < 95% Rh
    IP 21 Protection

    Digital Voltmeter & Currentmeter provided
    Input and output MCB provided
    Auto / Manual switch provided
    Jumper provided to select the battery type – SMF/ Lead Acid
    Built in Power Factor Correction
    Potential Free Contact – Alarm contact –?????
    Isolation                              : Input to Output – 1.5KV
    Input to Earth – 1.5KV
    Output to Earth- 500V
    MTBF                                  : 50K Hrs to MIL

    INDICATIONS LED           : a) Float
    b) Boost
    c) Equiliser
    g) Top up

    Dimension                                 : 380(W) X 180(D) X 300(H)mm
    Cooling type                             : Fan
    Weight                                    : 9 Kgs


    Load and Battery Terminal separate. 

    2 Years Warranty

    Specification subject to change as per our continuous developments                    

    For inquiries / customized requirements Contact Us on kbelectronics@gmail.com